RIP Cindy “Crash” Raschke

Early in my store’s existence, my neighbor – the Continental Club – hosted Big E’s Rock Baby Rock it.  The event started early in the day and vendors would set up in the backyard of the club.  Cindy “Crash” Raschke was one of those vendors that year.  After she set up, she ventured around the block because she heard there was a quirky shop around  that dabbled in tiki.

When Cindy walks into a room, she literally lights it up.  Her personality draws you in.  She makes you feel like you have known each other forever.  Basically we hit it off – we were fans of each others work (discovered she was a fan of Clouseaux) without really knowing it.

Soon thereafter she did an art showcase of her works that coincided with going to the Art Car Parade.  We had planned on entering my 66 Barracuda that she painted, but for whatever reason, it didn’t happen.  HOWEVER, we were able to introduce her to one of the guest judges – Robert Williams of Zap Comix and Juxtapoz fame.  She presented him with the bat that she painted (see pic below).  It was a great weekend.

We lost touch – life….trying to run businesses, etc –  but our paths crossed a few years ago at Lonestar Round Up in Austin.  I brought  Derek (Yaniger) down from Atlanta.  Derek designed the store logo so I figured why not have a booth at the Round Up to show his works.  We ran into Cindy…holding court like she always did.  It was like we had just seen each other yesterday.  Plans of another show with Cindy were discussed and almost came to fruition at Bamboo on the Bayou last October.  Unfortunately, conflicts in her schedule made it too difficult.

Speed up to Feb 2017 and Derek returns to Houston the first week of April.  Our plans were to do a quick pop up show in Houston then head to Round Up again.  I talked to Cindy two weeks ago.  It was clear it was going to be a party and a blast.

I’m still stunned to see the texts and posts saying she passed.

There are a handful people who I attribute to the success of Sig’s Lagoon.  Cindy is certainly on that short list.  I feel fortunate that our paths crossed.

One of a kind.  RIP Crash.  Mold broken.IMG_3346


The Sig’s Lagoon Gallery is proud to present KIDDIE COCKTAILS by our pals – Stuart Sandler & Derek Yaniger. Take a break from the heat at ROCK BABY ROCK IT #14 – purchase a signed copy of KIDDIE COCKTAILS and get a complimentary kiddie cocktail (yes – it’s non-alcoholic. I mean, c’mon…… it’s a KIDDIE COCKTAIL!). Tell Mom & Dad!

Onward to the Lonestar Round Up!

April 5th & 6th, we will have a booth at the Lonestar Round Up ( in Austin.  Our pal, Derek Yaniger, will be sharing the booth – selling his ltd edition serigraphs, sketches, & more!  Come by and say HOLA!  It’s gonna be a blast!  Below is one of the ltd serigraphs (debuting at the Round Up) entitled “Crankenstein Meets the Biker Bride”